Today at Apple

Apple announced a new program called Today at Apple. The idea is simple - daily free programs for all ages and skill levels at every Apple Store.

There are 9 main program categories with many niche programs included in each one. The categories are Studio Hours, Photo Walks, Sketch Walks, Kids Hour, Coding Sessions, Photo Labs, Music Labs, Pro Series, and Perspectives and Performance

 Sketch Walk

Sketch Walk


This is what sets them apart from other retail locations, Apple not only sells you products, but they will teach you how to use them too. They will teach you everything from basic setup and how to check your emails to advance audio mixing using professional video editing applications.

One of the things that really stood out to me are the Photo and Sketch Walks. Some things can not be taught effectively inside a retail location, therefore, not all of the classes are held inside the store. They will take a group of people to unique locations to focus on specific skills such as photography framing and lighting. 

 Photo Walk

Photo Walk


In Apple's words here are the descriptions of each program:

"Studio Hours are Apple’s version of a professor’s office hours. Creative Pros host 90-minute sessions on topics from art and design to documents and presentations. Anyone is welcome to bring in a personal project for advice from experts, or to use the space to work alongside others.

Photo Walks help attendees go beyond capturing moments by exploring new techniques hands on as they interact in their local community. Photo Walks include sessions such as framing architecture or capturing action on video. 

Sketch Walks explore observational drawings, watercolor and brush techniques, and more.

Kids Hour is designed to spark imagination and creativity through fun, hands-on projects. Sessions include coding with Sphero robots, Creating Music with GarageBand®, and Making Movies Together with iMovie®.

 Kids Hour

Kids Hour


Coding sessions are meant to introduce anyone to coding through Swift Playgrounds™, an iPad® app designed to make coding interactive and fun for beginners. These sessions will explore coding concepts with the same code professional developers use every day.

Photo Labs bring in talented photographers to experiment with new techniques and styles or uncover a new point of view in hands-on sessions.

Music Labs explore different genres and beats to introduce new tools to musicians of all levels.

Pro Series take advanced users on a deep dive into Final Cut Pro® X and Logic Pro® X with sessions on color correction and grading to post production, or audio mixing to editing for emotion, and more.

 Pro Series

Pro Series


Perspectives and Performances, offered at select stores, feature influential artists and musicians talking about their creative process or sharing their talents live."

There are currently a total of 60 programs with more continually being added.

The two stores by me seem to have programs every hour of everyday, check out your local store and see what they are offering Today at Apple.



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Zach Lach